Finding Tantur

Tantur is located at the junction of Derech Hevron (Hebron Road) and Rehov HaRosmarin (see map below) in southeastern Jerusalem.  In Jerusalem and Bethlehem, “Tantur” can refer to our Ecumenical Institute, our facility, which includes several organizations, and the entire hilltop.

While we do not have a postal address, the closest approximate directional address is the intersection of Rehov HaRosmarin and Derech Hevron.


Tantur Campus

The main facility of Tantur is a large stone building perched on top of a hill surrounded by stone walls. The structure is visible from the northern, southern and western approaches.   It overlooks Bethlehem to the South and Jerusalem to the North. There is a large brown gate and a sign that says Private Business Only.  On the left side of the gate is a bell to ring if the gate does not open when you are there.  There is also a pedestrians’ entrance to the east of the gate.  Our receptionist desk is almost always occupied 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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